Phenominal, Cosmic
Phone System.
Itty Bitty Cloud Key.

Powerful, all-inclusive phone system running on the new Ubiquiti® Cloud Key.

For a limited time, 1-VoIP is providing a free Cloud Key integrated with PBXRealtime®, the latest advancement in fully partitioned, multi-tenant phone systems.

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  • Save on average 53% on your phone bill
  • 99.999% Uptime
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Calls
  • Easy Trunk Setup
  • No contract or cancellation fee
  • Unlimited Incoming Minutes
  • Anywhere US & Canada
  • Free Porting
  • Vanity Check Available
  • Unlimited Incoming Minutes
  • 2,000 Minutes per Bundle
  • Customize Minutes Bundle
  • No Contract or Commitment
  • 3.5 ¢/minute for US
  • 5.5 ¢/minute for Canada
  • Free Porting
  • Vanity Check Available

Stop Robocalls & Telemarketers for Good
Nomorobo Logo

1-VoIP has partnered with Nomorobo.

Nomorobo stops unwanted telemarketers & robocalls from reaching your phone. With over 7,194,407 calls filtered, it's a perfect solution to have a better, safer phone service. Included with your Residential VoIP service.


Easily toggle the feature at any time. In addition, report new phone numbers to the number listing for review.


Brought to you by 1-VoIP, we've added another beneficial feature with your SIP Trunking phone service.


Carefully monitored and evaluated. Calls from schools or pharmacies are always allowed.

Unrivaled Uptime. Peace of Mind.

Always on

Fully redundant co-located switching facilities.

A New Level of
SIP Service

Leading the VoIP industry, we understand that uptime is crucial for your successful business. Our service and server infrastructure provides unmatched 99.999% Service Uptime.
That's less than 6 minutes of downtime a year.

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Eliminate busy signals & channel limits without paying per channel.

Maximize Calls &
First Impressions

Keep it simple. When you're not paying per line, your business can maintain a professional image without worrying about call volume.

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Our 100% US Staff regularly configures traditional and VoIP PBX's.

100% US Based
Support Staff

Whether this is your 1st or 100th provider, setting up your phone service takes as little as half an hour. We excel in connecting you with any SIP, VoIP, or even Analog phone systems, and regularly troubleshoot any problems with a variety of systems.

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Flexible month-to-month pricing & no contract.

Savings with SIP

We work towards long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our collectiveness lets us pass the savings to you & your business.

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