Business Features List

Business VoIP Features

So how does 1-VoIP help you optimize your business?

We include all of these premium business VoIP features at no additional cost. Take a look at what we have to offer that other companies would simply drool over charging you for.

All of your employees will have their own 4 digit extension. From your business phone, quickly contact other employees by dialing their 4 digit extension. Whether they are in the same location, a different office, or even working from home, as long as they are online you can easily reach them.

This highly customizable feature allows you to forward to your VoIP phone to any number of other lines including; other 4 digit extensions, cell phones, or landlines. This feature can be set up to ring each number at the same time or even try your VoIP line first and then rollover to other numbers if you do not answer.

Whether you’re using the ‘Call Forwarding’ or ‘FMFM’ feature, if you receive the call on your cell phone you can utilize the same features that your VoIP phone has. For example, if you answer the call on your cell phone you can still transfer it to another 4 digit extension.

The 3 or 4 line phone that you're using isn't just used for extra phone lines. You can set up one of those additional lines to monitor a specific extension. This enables you to watch that line and provide a live status of that particular extension. For example, if that extension is on the phone the light will show red.

Don't tie up your personal line by keeping a caller for someone else on hold. Instead, transfer the call to a designated "Parking Lot" extension where any line can then dial in and take the call.

Automatically pick up any of the phones that are ringing in your office. This feature is commonly used during abnormal call flows, like if somebody is out to lunch. This feature provides the ability to pick up incoming calls straight to your phone without changing your normal day-to-day call flow.

Similar to ‘Call Pickup Group’, except you can choose to pickup a specific extension instead of an entire group of extensions within your office.

This feature allows you to directly intercom to an extension and start speaking to them immediately. This means that the extension you are “intercomming” does not actually answer their phone. Instead, it automatically picks up the call so that you can start speaking to them right away.

Similar to the Intercom feature, except this feature allows you to announce your call to more than one extension. For example, if you would like to request an all-employee meeting this feature will automatically dial and answer on all of the phones.

If you have more than one phone number on your account you can set your outgoing Caller ID to display any one of your virtual numbers instead.

This standard feature notifies you if you are already on the line and receive another incoming call. This can be either enabled or disabled for convenience.

Most businesses operate under the same hours every single day. When you know your business is closed, make sure that your callers know it as well. Instead of waiting "X" amount of time before finding out that your business is closed this feature allows for calls to connect directly to your voicemail. This feature is highly customized to achieve whatever call flow you prefer.

This feature helps direct your callers based on the information they need. If the caller knows why they calling and you have several different departments, use an auto attendant to make sure they get connected to the proper department by giving them some options beforehand. Highly customizable.

Always make sure you are ringing to the correct representative. You can ring more than one extension at a time, or even hunt between them in order. This feature is highly flexible and customizable! However you’ve envisioned your calls to work, this is how we get it done.

To further customize your queue you can choose if you want your caller to hear music on hold or just a normal ring. You can even customize this feature to ring normally for 30 seconds and then change to Music on Hold.

Use our hold music choices or bring your own custom selection.

Keep your callers informed by playing pre-recorded announcements. Every message can be customized specifically for you.

Each extension can have their own unique mailbox. There are 5 ways to check your voicemail!

  1. Directly from your phone by pressing the “envelope” button.
  2. From another extension within your office, because you are able to dial ‘Extension to Extension’.
  3. From the ‘Online Member Center’ provided to you.
  4. Our feature ‘Voicemail to Email’ will email the voicemail to you.
  5. From a remote access number so you can check voicemails from another line like a cell phone.

Have all your inbound and outbound calls recorded. Kept for 7 days on the ‘Online Member Center’.